What is Java, Introduction to Java Object Oriented

Java is a human readable computer programming language. Java is a class based and object oriented programming whereas C is procedural language. Java is considered easy read and write than other procedural programming languages.   Java now popular programming language, specifically for Web/server and Android app development(9 millions developers worldwide). Java actually derived from c/c++ […]

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Learn Java in 20 days to start android app development

Java very basic programming knowledge is required if we want to start with android app development. This tutorial is not book, it was just a quick start for a newbie of our team who wanted to start developing android app.  Just wanted to share.   Basic Java Programming Contents [padding right=”0%” left=”5%”]   Day 1: […]

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Manage Software with APT Command in Ubuntu/Debian

In debian and ubuntu we can manage software using various tools such as aptitude,dpkg and apt. In this topic we will see some apt commands to manage software in ubuntu or debian.   Common APT command manage software in ubuntu/debian

Update the software database. Also whenever we change the /etc/apt/sources.list we need to run […]

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